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Telephone: 01286 676382
E-mail: enquiries@bejcommercial.co.uk 
3 High Street, Caernarfon, North Wales LL55 1RN


Meet The Team
Aled Edwards (IF1) Commercial Sales & Service Executive aled@bejcommercial.co.uk
Mark Wyn Jones (Cert CII) Commercial Sales & Service Executive mark@bejcommercial.co.uk
Paul White (BA Hons) Finance & Administration paul@bejcommercial.co.uk
Andrew Ashbrooke (ACII) Commercial Sales & Service Executive andrew@bejcommercial.co.uk
Commercial Sales & Service
Andrew Kells (IF1 & IF2) Commercial Sales & Service Handler akells@bejcommercial.co.uk
Personal Assistants
Kathy Roberts (COP) Administration kathy@bejcommercial.co.uk
Sue Herbert (COP) Administration sue@bejcommercial.co.uk


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